The Partnership Between Communities And Librarianship

Library staff want communities to succeed, not libraries.


Why Do We Do It?

This is the second post on The Atlas of New Librarianship webinar held on 20 September 2012. In the first post I wrote about the need to distinguish libraries from librarians. Anyone who knows me well will know that I ask a lot of questions about everything. I ask questions because I want to understand….

Libraries and Librarians

Last week David Lankes hosted a webinar for New Zealand librarians who had registered for The Atlas of New Librarianship discussion groups. David’s presentation contained so many gems that it’s going to take me a long while to unpack, polish and share them with others. But I am working on it; and here is the…

Wild Thoughts Keeping Me Going!

By guest blogger Lis Marrow, Librarian at Hutt International Boys’ School. Sally asked me to give you a few thoughts on how amazing this webinar was today.  I admit I have been a huge fan of David Lankes since I discovered his blog  Virtual Dave last year.  I have two of his recent talks on…