Wild Thoughts Keeping Me Going!

By guest blogger Lis Marrow, Librarian at Hutt International Boys’ School.

Sally asked me to give you a few thoughts on how amazing this webinar was today.  I admit I have been a huge fan of David Lankes since I discovered his blog  Virtual Dave last year.  I have two of his recent talks on my MP3 and am still waiting in anticipation for my copy of the Atlas.

Why is David important? He shouts our cause from rooftops. He is a major influence (being a teacher of library and information skills) and supporter of librarians and the future.

We are the luckiest people in the world.  We work in a changing and developing environment.  Our tools are changing.  Our libraries are expanding to beyond the traditional 4 walls.  A teacher just came up to me in the staffroom, ‘Why is our library the noisiest in the world?’  I smiled back and said ‘Yes isn’t it great?’  Lots of boys using the space, feeling comfortable and hopefully will discover the contents of the library which is so much more than books.  He grimaced and vanished….I digress.

Librarians are special.  We have the ability to literally start revolutions and to change minds.  Libraries are often the only place that some can access the internet, books, magazines, CDs, DVDs etc.  When people say to me when they hear I am a librarian; ‘Oh I don’t like reading!’  or ‘Libraries are over, I can find everything online now and what about e-books…?’  I must admit I cringe a little.  We are not just about books!  I love books, I have been an addict since about 4.  Today there is so much more out there technology-wise than in the dark ages of the 1960’s and 70’s, in France they have free books on the streets, there is another library that has QR codes around the city that give access to the library and free e-books.  How cool is that?

After today’s webinar I have some inspiration forming on directions for 2013 and beyond.  Our students are coming, we have dedicated gamers, card players, readers and social loungers.  Lego competition?  Design a space for more craftivity?  My head is spinning…..;)


  1. sengaw says:

    Sorry to have missed this great event! Will the session be available to listen to in the near future? It would be great to keep the discussions flowing!

    1. Sally says:

      Hi Senga,
      The session is on David’s website and will be posted here next week.

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