The Partnership Between Communities And Librarianship

The Partnership Between Communities & Librarianship

Library staff want communities to succeed, not libraries.


Better Communities

“Thus the purpose of this guide is to prepare librarians to be agents for radical positive change and to directly engage their communities – be these scholars, students, lawyers, residents or bureaucrats – to use knowledge to achieve their dreams and aspirations.” (p.4)

“All libraries, whether public or private, large or small, should be about communities, those they serve and are a part of – that’s just libarianship.” (p.7)


Curtin University librarians provide an exemplar of using knowledge and learning to achieve the dreams and aspirations of their community. They have used games “to introduce high school students from low socio-economic backgrounds’ to campus life and encourage them to aspire to a university education”.

The students absolutely loved the augmented reality – I don’t think any of them had experienced it before – and some of them were really excited when we were able to show them how to create them for themselves on their own devices.


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