Library Intelligence

Library Intelligence

Become confident in digital spaces.

Library Intelligence makes it easier for library staff to focus on improving their digital literacy fluency.

Online And Self-Paced
One of the most convenient characteristics of Library Intelligence is that learning occurs online, is self-paced and asynchronous. This means there’s no set time for the learning to take place.

Unlike traditional learning, where learners must learn at a set time and pace of the instructor’s choosing, Library Intelligence learning can happen at any time, at any speed. Registrations are always open.

Library Intelligence courses emphasise real world library skills and it is because of this that it is important to provide assistance if needed.

Unlike many self-paced online courses, Library Intelligence doesn’t leave learners to struggle through course content on their own. Learners are encouraged to contact the course facilitator at any time and individual personalised feedback is provided to every learner who completes a course.

Complete In Just 60 Minutes
With Library Intelligence learning is packaged into courses teaching practical library-related digital literacy skills most of which can be completed in just 60 minutes.

Content is delivered in bite-sized lessons. There’s no need to take staff out of the library and as an added bonus library staff come away with a one-page blueprint to enable them to easily apply their learning to their job.

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