19.02.2013 – ALIA Online Sessions. Elevator Of Enlightenment. DPLA Metadata Policy.

New Zealand Library Chat Episode 3 – Sue Roberts – Leadership in change, Learning Cultures, Advocacy, Innovation | @corinh. (BoK1) Worldwide Worth reading the whole series: “Being Different, Part 4: The Elevator of Enlightenment” | @rtennant via @janholmquist. (BoK1) Update on Proposed Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) Metadata Policy | @LibraryJournal. (BoK5) Five minutes with ……

16.02.2013 – New Library At Linwood. RDA. Information Online Thoughts.

New Zealand Plans underway for new library and service centre at Linwood | @ChristchurchLib. (BoK9) Information Online some thoughts based on keynotes | @corinh. (BoK1) Worldwide RDA in 10 Easy Steps (over the course of one hour) (webinar video) via @iroberger. (BoK5) Letters to a Young Librarian: You Are Paid in Smiles via @LibrarianRy. (BoK9) “Can Libraries Lend…

14.02.2013 – New Katherine Mansfield Short Story Found. #NLS6. Super Librarians.

New Zealand Reflecting on questionable journals in scholarly databases | @novamacaria. (BoK8) Includes some good links: Hospital for School Library Books | @L2_S2S. (BoK9) Media release: New Katherine Mansfield short story found! | @NLNZ. (BoK5) Worldwide Read the #nls6 storified tweets for Monday morning and Monday afternoon via @sallyheroes. (BoK1) Really like this idea – library interfaces that…

10.11.2012 – Kete New Plymouth. NZ Facebook Stats. Research Data Management Roadmap.

New Zealand Pam Jones from @LibraryPlus had a big lightbulb moment at #LIANZA12 via @sallyheroes. (BoK7) Want to know what was said about #freepubliclibraries last night in parliament? via @laurindathomas. (BoK1) Poll: Do you think school libs should be a quiet place for study during exam times? via @catherinelee33. (BoK10) Kete New Plymouth has 10,000 digital items | @PeepsNetwork….

21.10.2012 – Gisborne Photo News Online. Impact Of Open Access On Librarians. Is Linked Data The Answer?

New Zealand The online version of the Gisborne Photo News has arrived | @GisborneLibrary. (BoK3) Public librarian wanted for Emerging Leaders Working Group | @lianzaoffice. (BoK1) Worldwide The impact of open access on librarians (insights from librarian interviews) via @flexnib. (BoK2) So is it the ebook vendor who says ‘license’?: Random House Says Libraries Own Their Ebooks | @LibraryJournal….

2.9.2012 – Timelapse Of New San Diego Library. Digitisation at NL Norway. Bookmobiles.

New Zealand Here’s @librarypaula‘s perspective on the Helicopter Librarians article. (BoK4) Worldwide A day in the life of a Nelson (British Columbia) librarian via @socialmediabutt. (BoK9) National Library of Norway will put 250.000 books from the entire 20th century online via @myleejoseph. (BoK5) Check out the timelapse movie (link on bottom left): San Diego New Central Library Construction via…

30.8.2012 – Helicopter Librarians. Empowering Students. MOOCs and Information Literacy Instruction.

New Zealand Empowering students to achieve by R. Cherie Tautolo in the latest New Zealand Library and Information Management Journal via @sallyheroes. (BoK3) Worldwide MOOCs and Information Literacy Instruction | @vonburkhardt. (BoK7) Former Auckland Uni librarian Rose Holley in Library Journal on crowdsourcing Trove via @mrskiwiana. (BoK5) Could work with small targetted group: Helicopter Librarian: Expect…

7.8.2012 – Spotify Equivalent For Audiobooks? Cycling For Libraries. YA Fiction Course.

New Zealand A ragtag bunch of computer misfits: Our Digital Object Workbench | @NLNZ. (BoK5) Worldwide A great video: Cycling for Libraries 2012, Day 8 via @loidagarciafebo. (BoK1) A Spotify equivalent for audiobooks? via @myleejoseph. (BoK7) Core Journals in Library and Information Science: Developing a Methodology for Ranking LIS Journals via @aarontay. (BoK6) Just started listening to: Fiction for…

6.8.2012 – Losing the YA Label. Controversial Themes.

New Zealand No news today. Worldwide This is bound to cause discussions in libraries. Have you considered it?: Losing the YA label via @myleejoseph. (BoK8) How should controversial themes be treated?:Confrontational curator, cowardly cataloguer via @K1Howard. (BoK5) * BECOME A BOK STAR * Completing your LIANZA revalidation journal is now really simple.

30.7.2012 – Open Access Research In NZ. Core Infrastructure for Digital Libraries. Digital Public Library of America.

New Zealand Scientists say open access research inevitable in NZ (audio) via @ShiobhanSmith. (BoK1) Worldwide CLIR Releases New Report: “Core Infrastructure Considerations for Large Digital Libraries” via @ahornby. (BoK5) A clear and simple explanation: Digital Public Library of America earns an influential ally via @myleejoseph. (BoK1) In Sri Lanka, teacher librarian qualifications not recognised: Teacher-librarian project via @socialmediabutt….