Your Bottom Line

Your Bottom Line

You could save $1820 per employee per year.

In 2010 the New Zealand Computer Society commissioned a study of international digital literacy reports, research and case studies to determine the implications of New Zealand adopting a globally recognised digital literacy standard (Bunker, 2010).

The study found that digital literacy:

  • Improves productivity by an average of 1-3 hours per week per employee.
  • Directly resulted in an average savings of NZ$1820 per employee per year (Bunker, 2010. p.7).

Digital literacy is no longer optional. It is a valuable and essential life skill for all New Zealanders, including library staff.

Government Expects Library Staff to be Digitally Literate

By 2020 digital will be the primary delivery channel for New Zealand  government transactions.

Public libraries are expected to assist New Zealanders who need support and reassurance to successfully complete government transactions in a digital environment (Result 10, 2014. p. 26.).

The Future Focused Learning Report published in 2014 by the Ministry of Education recommended :

  • School libraries “take a stronger leadership role in using digital technologies to target achievement outcomes for at-risk students” (21st Century Learning, 2014. p. 16.) and
  • Public libraries “offer digital literacy training programmes and internet connectivity” (21st Century Learning, 2014. p. 16.).

In other words, the New Zealand Government and the Ministry of Education expect New Zealand library staff to be digitally literate.

Library Intelligence makes it easier for library staff to improve their digital literacy fluency with nine online self-paced 60 minute courses.


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