Must. Remember. To. Breathe.

 PARANORMAL ROMANCE LOVEMATCH Contender for New Zealand: Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh. My Verdict: Must. Remember. To. Breathe. The winner of the Paranormal Romance LoveMatch is:


 PARANORMAL ROMANCE LOVEMATCH Contender for The World: Dark Lover by J.R. Ward. My Verdict: Ferocious.

The Historical Non-Romance Guide To Happy Ever After

HISTORICAL ROMANCE LOVEMATCH Contender for New Zealand: Kitty by Deborah Challinor. My Verdict: The historical non-Romance guide to ‘Happy Ever After’. The winner of the Historical Romance LoveMatch is:

It Sounds About Perfect

SWEET ROMANCE LOVEMATCH Contender for New Zealand: Blue Creek Bachelor by Joanne Hill. My Verdict: A wonderfully sweet romance with a decent splash of suspense. The winner of the Sweet Romance is: