There is done. And then there is done.

Make Something Happen

What are you working on right now? Take a few moments to consider how you could make it remarkable. What can you do to elevate your project above the standards of expectation, and yet still be achievable. Perhaps you could tweak your presentation, build a prototype, create an audience or invite an outsider into the group….

The 7 beauties of project management

There is an abundance of library literature that suggests we as librarians need to do better in raising our profile to those outside the profession. That we need to increase our visibility, and improve our marketing and communication so that others will truly realise the value of librarians and libraries. We’ve heard it all before right? So…

Career suicide: Let’s be frank

Have you ever felt restricted from engaging in frank and open discussions about the library profession? Have you ever felt if you publicly voice your opinion on professional matters you are at risk of compromising your job or future prospects? We have and we know we are not alone. In a profession that claims to…