Be The Filter That Doesn’t Fail

Be The Filter That Doesn’t Fail

Bring order to information overload.


Google “information overload” and you are immediately overloaded with information – more than 15 million hits in 0.57 seconds. Information permeates every aspect of our lives and can lead to indecisiveness, bad decisions and stress.

Clay Shirky however argues that information overload isn’t the problem – the problem is that we haven’t found an effective and trusted way to filter through the abundance of online information. There is a need for filters of a more refined and human kind – a need for content curation.

Content curation is a skill for which library and information professionals are well suited.

We are experts at critically evaluating, selecting, and sharing content to help others.

We are experts at taming the information flow to facilitate discovery and knowledge building.

Content curation brings order to information overload by cherry-picking the best content so that others don’t have to, and includes your unique perspective and commentary.

With content curation each piece of content is hand-picked based on how “these pieces fit together, what story they tell by being placed next to each other, and what statement the context they create makes about culture and the world at large”.

Content curation is time intensive but it enables library and information professionals to establish and maintain their presence as a trusted filter and source of valuable and relevant information for their members – to be the filter that doesn’t fail.


Content curation also directly relates to LIANZA’s Bodies of Knowledge (BoK Cluster 2) as an important part of designing and delivering information services using online resources and tools.

Why should librarians curate content?

What Next?

If you’d like to learn about content curation and how you can be the filter that doesn’t fail, sign up for Curating Māori Resources, a 120 minute self-paced online course that takes you step-by-step through the curation process using online Māori resources as an example.

After completing Curating Māori Resources you will be able to help others to become more digitally literate by being able to:

  1. Provide highly relevant and valuable content to your community enabling them to make better decisions.
  2. Discuss the benefits of curating content with teachers, lecturers or academics.
  3. Share content curation tips with small businesses or entrepreneurs to enable them to reach customers more effectively.

Sign up for Curating Māori Resources today so your customers, community members, academics, students and clients can bring order to information overload.


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