Create Step-By-Step Video Tutorials For Library Users

Show users how to make the most of the library’s online resources.

CamStudio records all screen and audio activity on your computer and turns it into a high quality video file.

  • Think of CamStudio as a free tool to create step-by-step videos showing how to use a particular piece of software (such as how to search the catalogue) or an online activity (such as how to place a reserve on an item in your library collection).
  • Video files can be saved and uploaded anywhere.
  • While CamStudio does have caption and annotation features it doesn’t offer editing tools to enable you to change the video or audio after it has been recorded.

How I Use It

I have used CamStudio to create two videos: one introducing Wheeler’s ebook platform and the second describing how to register for a Library Intelligence course.

I found CamStudio wasn’t easy to get to grips with but the (long and detailed) tutorial video explained everything I needed to know. The most difficult part of the process is deciding what to say and getting the audio to match what is happening on the screen. It does take a bit of practice!

While CamStudio does include captioning and annotation tools I find Youtube Video Editor is much quicker and easier for any post-production activities.

Have you tried creating tutorial-type videos? What tools did you use?


  1. Sally says:

    Interesting! I will take some time to have a look at OBS in the New Year. I am always on the lookout for tools that will make life easier 🙂

  2. Thanks for the very informative and helpful post! I use open broadcaster software, it is an open source application used primarily for live broadcasting to streaming services, but also as output as to a file. It is easy to use, yet offers advanced options, and allows for multiple windows and video/audio inputs to be captured simultaneously. More info at

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