1. Sally says:

    Sally, what an outstanding question! And all the answers are so spot on! To answer your second question, I think we need to be talking about our profession outside of our circles. We are so good at talking amongst ourselves, but we should take a deep breath and find ways to be bigger voices. Things like speaking at TED and TEDx events or even staging our own (but not for librarians, if you know what I mean)? We need to speak and demonstrate our skills where the broader community is, online, in person. Even where I work in a hospital, most staff STILL don’t know they even have a library, let alone what we can do!

    You’ve given me heaps to think about (again!) Thank you 🙂

    1. Sally says:

      Gotta be loud and proud, perhaps!

      1. Sally says:

        I think so!

  2. Sally says:

    Some excellent suggestions! What could we do to show our expertise and passion off in front of a sophisticated and critical audience?

  3. Anonymous says:

    By changing our own attitudes to our own profession

  4. sengaw says:

    By thinking outside the square
    By sharing crazy ideas
    By not being afraid

  5. Lynley Stone says:

    By being absolute experts in our fields – not amateurs (get qualified, get experience, live and breathe what you do with a passion).
    By hiring the best and brightest into our industry, not just people who are good at customer service, but people who have that intelligence and passion and drive to become an expert at the instrument they are playing.
    By being open to what is happening everywhere, not just in your own workplace. Be constantly learning, thinking, exploring.
    By fostering an environment within workplaces where ideas are explored and opportunities grasped.

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