You Are Digitally Literate. Until You Aren’t.

You are digitally literate until you realise you aren’t.

You have purchased your first tablet and don’t know how to ‘copy and paste’ text into a document. You have been playing Words with Friends for the last three months without knowing it includes a built-in dictionary. You ignore text messages from friends because you don’t know what all the abbreviations and pictures mean.

You think you are digitally literate. Until you aren’t. You think you are doing your best work. Until you aren’t. How do you know if you are? Who or what do you rely on to make sure you are?

While there will always be ‘just in time’ learning opportunities below, are three ways in which you can assess your level of digital literacy fluency. All tests are free and upon completion suggest a learning plan to enable you to master the topics covered by the test.

  1. The Future Edge Digital Literacy Challenge tests your digital strengths and weaknesses for today’s job market. There are 15 questions covering computer fundamentals, digital etiquette, searching, Word, Excel and digital communication.
  2. Microsoft has a Digital Literacy Certificate that takes approx 30-60 minutes to complete. It consists of 30 questions covering computer basics, productivity programmes, computer security and privacy, and digital lifestyles.
  3. Test Your Digital Literacy Fluency from Library Intelligence assesses your digital literacy against library related competencies. It consists of 24 questions covering social bookmarking, digital communication, Creative Commons, online content curation, personal learning environments, online safety, digital rights and critical thinking.

Why not give one or more a go to see whether you’re a master (or mistress) of digital literacy. Let me know how you go in the comments below.