Three Links Worthy Of Your Attention

In the last week I’ve found a lot of resources that are really good for library staff wanting to upskill in tech and related areas so I thought I’d share my top three finds with you.

  1. An excellent set of eight modules from the Colorado State Library for library staff to help library members one on one with technology questions. I particularly like how it uses reference interview techniques that we should all be familiar with and reinforces good customer service in general. The technology proficiency checklist is also useful if you want to know how staff measure up.
  2. GCF LearnFree and Techboomers are a couple of really good sites that help people become familiar with the internet and popular websites. You don’t need to sign up and they’re easy to use. Suitable for both library staff and library members.
  3. WebJunction offers free courses for library staff. I’m a fan of the self-paced ones, such as social media or marketing but they also have archived webinars like ebooks and ereaders or advocacy and outreach.

I’d recommend setting aside an hour to explore what these sites have to offer and then consider discussing the most suitable ones at your next performance development review or coaching session.


  1. That first one is really good for training our new casuals, thanks will have a look at the others soon.

  2. lifelonglearninglisa says:

    These are great, Sally. GCFLearnfree is one I recommend and use almost daily and love it. The Colorado State Library ones are new to me but look really engaging.
    You have probably seen this but the OCLC has a competency index for the library field that is also has a technical component.

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