Built With You In Mind

I’m sure all of us at one time or another,  have undertaken a course whether it has been online or face-to-face where we have been overwhelmed by the amount of content presented to us. There has been so much to read, sift through and digest within the course timeframe that it’s a relief when the course is over.

I know when I have an experience like that I tend not to remember terribly much about what I learned, and the bits I do remember are rarely useful. Which kinda defeats the whole point of learning doesn’t it?

The courses I’ve developed are a delicate balance between simplicity and complexity:

  • Content is delivered in bite-sized lessons so you can get something worthwhile done even if you’ve only got 10 minutes to spare.
  • Each course is developed based on best practices from the fields of instructional design, elearning design, and course design.
  • With only 60 minutes to impart knowledge of practical value there is no time to discuss the background of a subject or the merits of a particular framework that might be used. However, each course contains references and a selected bibliography should you wish to delve deeper.
  • Courses are aimed at all library staff across sectors, who have no prior knowledge or experience of a subject but wish they did.

Very soon you’ll see there is a more enjoyable way to learn. On Monday I’ll share with you the courses on offer, and on Tuesday you’ll be able to signup for the courses yourself and realise there is a better way to learn ‘real world’ New Zealand library skills. Have a great weekend!