There Is Freedom Within

One of the biggest hassles of online learning is technology.

Perhaps the video freezes every 3 seconds or content refuses to load because your browser is out of date, or perhaps you need to download a piece of software and you don’t have administration rights. Ugh!

Why should it be so difficult? Is any of this functionality really necessary to impart knowledge? Why can we not make it as simple as possible for a learner to learn with even the most restrictive technology setup?

The courses I’ve developed focus on ease of use. They:

  • Are text-based so you don’t have to wait ages for a video to load.
  • Work beautifully on any modern device and any modern browser.
  • Are also compatible with Internet Explorer 8 which I know a lot of local government bodies still use.
  • Don’t require you to download any software so should be IT-friendly and firewall-friendly.

Very soon, you’ll realise there doesn’t have to be a wall between us.