Taking The Long Road To Becoming A Librarian

By Angus – I like reading.

I never thought I’d be a librarian as a child – I had other ideas like becoming a vet or a journalist.  However I was the head librarian at school and always enjoyed reading and going to the library.  My mother has worked in a public library for many years.

It wasn’t until my early 30s that I got a job in an academic library and also a part time job at a public library.  I’d kind of run out of ideas about what to do with my life by then, having tried law, teaching and working in a bookshop.  But I was so glad to get the opportunity to work in a library.

I started off as a library assistant and 7 years later despite numerous job applications I’m still a library assistant.  This is a little depressing and frustrating for me as I’m pretty bored with the job by now as you can imagine.  But during that time I’ve completed an MLIS and completed 2 secondments as a liaison librarian which was great experience for me (this is the kind of job I’m hoping to get).

What do I like about this job?  I enjoy hunting for information, helping people find what they need, the calm, quiet atmosphere of a library and of course looking at books!

Share your path to librarianship.


  1. Angus says:

    Thanks for your support. One big stumbling block for me is I struggle in job interviews and get quite nervous so I don’t come across very well despite the skills and knowledge that I have. But I’m working on it. And of course it’s competitive out there for jobs. I just thought there would be some sort of natural progression with my career and things would simply fall into place but you can’t take anything for granted. And it’s hard doing a job that you are really sick of. But we’ll get there, best of luck.

  2. Caroline says:

    I can relate to what you said, Angus. I have been a Library Assistant for eight years and still no movement to what I really want to do which is the Liaison Librarian job or similar. My road is somewhat longer than yours as I am older. I did teaching, and law (didn’t practise, just studied), and banking, and I too did the MLIS. Hang in there! Maybe one day, (soon would be good), we will both achieve our aspirations!

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