Here’s An Idea. Continuing Education in An Hour. What Do You Think?


In 2012 LIANZA conducted a Career Survey in which some respondents indicated there were not enough continuing education opportunities available (p.64). There was also a strong preference (64.02%, p. 69) for Continuing Professional Development to be undertaken during work time rather than after hours.

I agree that there is a limited range of professional development opportunities that are directly relevant to my job in a New Zealand library and affordable in both time and money.

Here’s my idea: I develop a series of self-paced online courses that only take 60 minutes to complete and provide participants with a one page blueprint to use within their workplace.

The content would be based on your suggestions but ideally would focus on learning real world NZ library skills such as ‘questions to ask when someone wants help with their ereader’, project management and readers advisory.

The courses would be self-paced so you can enrol at any time and only take 60 minutes meaning you could complete them in between desk shifts. There is no need to hire staff to cover while others are learning and you can apply your learning the same day you receive it. You would come away with a one-page blueprint to enable you to easily apply your learning to your job.

What do you think?

I’ll let you know if there is interest in developing this idea further, who knows, maybe I’ll start a kickstarter campaign to get it off the ground.


  1. myfriendlucy says:

    This is a great idea. At one library I worked at we had a “cone of silence” hour once a month to catch up on professional reading. This often deviated into me catching up on my emails. A focused online course would help with this a lot.
    And maybe some content specifically for children’s librarians…

  2. Suneeta Narula says:

    I love the idea Sally. I would definitely go for it… Suneeta.

  3. Lisa says:

    Sounds fantastic. I would be interested…

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