89/100 Days of Creativity: Master of Socks

‘The Aradhel are the most powerful in all of Aglar. The Aradhel control the Lost vortex and used to be just the Master of Socks but they’re now also Masters of Earrings, Pens, Remote Controls and Keys. Be careful of the Aradhel, Rodwen, you don’t want to become Lost accidentally,’ warned Arod.

‘Then there are the Gellui. We, Rodwen are the mischievous ones who steal the bedcovers from humans while they sleep. There is also talk we will become responsible for the Prospidnicks. These are exciting times Rodwen.’

‘When I grow up I am going to be Master of the Prospidnicks,’ said Rodwen wistfully.


For 100 consecutive days I will write and post a short story (about 100 words) incorporating a randomly selected word from Afterliff: A new dictionary of things there should be words for.

Today’s word:
prospidnick n.
A pillow that appears to have doubled in size since it was last put into a pillowcase.

Tomorrow’s word:
lancaster n.
One who enacts spells over long distances.