49/100 Days of Creativity: Aidez Moi!

‘Ugh! How am I meant to understand this? I don’t even know what subjunctives and conjunctions are in English so why do I need to know them for French?’ thought Dallas as he struggled to complete his French homework.

Life would be so much easier if he could be a beausemblant. If he’d lived in the 70’s he could probably get away with it when he visited Paris with the rugby team at the end of the year. But not now. Which just totally sucks.

Tu dois me tirer de là!


For 100 consecutive days I will write and post a short story (about 100 words) incorporating a randomly selected word from Afterliff: A new dictionary of things there should be words for.

Today’s word:
beausemblant n.
One who expects to be understood in France if he speaks English with a French accent.

Tomorrow’s word:
sinton n.
Circular mark caused by placing a hot mug on the table.