29/100 Days of Creativity: Park and Grab

The GPS on Izzy’s phone led her to a rest area on the edge of town. She looked to see where the most likely hiding places could be – a picnic area and an overgrown flowerbed on the side of the road seemed the most likely places to start.

Attached to a pole marking the perimeter of the flowerbed she found the hidden ammo box. Inside she found a pencil, a logbook and a few trinkets including a bangkok, she could exchange if she wanted. With a sense of accomplishment, Izzy signed the logbook and put it back for other geocachers to find.


For 100 consecutive days I will write and post a short story (about 100 words) incorporating a randomly selected word from Afterliff: A new dictionary of things there should be words for.

Today’s word:
bangkok n.
A dud firework found in a flowerbed.

Tomorrow’s word:
abcott n.
The tiny remnant of a bar of soap.