25/100 Days of Creativity: Fear Factor

Lachlan Flagg, the local WT3V reporter approaches the student flat as the cameraman gets ready to film. Wayne watches nervously from the verandah. Shit, this is going to be big.

After four eating challenges that started with a rooking dare this is the biggie. If he does this in fifteen minutes, he gets to eat all the pizza he wants for a whole year.

The crowd on the front lawn cheer raucously as Lachlan steps out onto the verandah and asks “Mate, do you really think you can eat ten live cockroaches without chucking?”


For 100 consecutive days I will write and post a short story (about 100 words) incorporating a randomly selected word from Afterliff: A new dictionary of things there should be words for.

Today’s word:
rooking ptcpl. v.
Going round the room after a party, consuming all the leftover wine and crisps.

Tomorrow’s word:
castleruddery n.
Psychological warfare at international-level chess.