13/100 Days of Creativity: Boost

They’d met at the Carolina Yacht Club when she was twenty. Sugar was waiting for her older brother Todd when Brady walked into the room.

He was devilishly handsome and drew the girls to him like moths attracted to a flame. But what set him apart from the boys her age was his bingley. It was something the other boys didn’t do.

Brady’s bingley oozed confidence and adventure and it made her shiver with desire whether she wanted to or not. She loved the way it made her smile without realising she was doing so. It made her feel as if anything was possible.


For 100 consecutive days I will write and post a short story (about 100 words) incorporating a randomly selected word from Afterliff: A new dictionary of things there should be words for.

Today’s word:
bingley n.
One who announces his presence in a room by making jaunty noises.

Tomorrow’s word:
illies pl.n.
People who scour the internet for new diseases they might be suffering from.