16.07.2013 – Taranaki Librarians Honoured. 25 Most Popular Apps. Book Awards Veto Pakeha Author.

From 27 July 2013 I will no longer be providing the Daily News. Daily News started as a selfish endeavour. A way for me to keep up with what is happening in the profession. In the last three years with more than 850 posts it has become the go-to-source for nearly 500 regular readers.

But it has now reached a point where producing the Daily News is curbing my curiosity and creativity. I want to do more than provide a set of links to what is happening in the profession. I want to add my voice and perspective. I want to work on more collaborative projects. And I want to try new things. So from 27 July 2013 you’ll be seeing me here less frequently, and you’ll be seeing more of me.

And if you really can’t do without your daily fix follow me on Twitter (@sallyheroes) where I’ll continue to share.

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