Smiling At The Issues Desk

By Thea Prenzler,  from Dental Hygienist to Library Technician in two easy steps.

Hello, did you know that Dentists used to have the highest suicide rate in the world. My theory was, that was because they generally ripped off their customers and treated their staff appallingly! So after twenty years, enough was enough and I went looking for a happier place. I did some testing where library work was top of the list. I then started talking to Librarians – all of them, from totally different environments, really enjoyed their work. They enjoyed contributing to their community and to their educational institution. Studying was a pleasure (after not enjoying secondary school at all) – it was interesting and relevant and practical. My teachers were encouraging and inspiring. After my first semester I was offered a position and have been happily employed ever since!

Share your path to librarianship.

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  1. Lisa Pritchard says:

    Thats really funny. I didnt go looking for a happier place deliberately but I did work as a Docs clerk in a freezing works for 2 years! I am much happier in libraries.

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