Mothers Know Best

By Heather Taylor, Passionate about Public Libraries!

When I was 17 I finished my 7th form year at school, I was disillusioned with school and desperately looking for my dream job.  I was going to work in a Lab – I’d studied science all the way through school with this end in mind.  Applied for jobs left, right and centre.  Was determined I could get a job without having to go to Uni.  About 5 months into being unemployed (well except for a relief milking job) a position was advertised at my local public library.  Mother said “Apply for the job”  my reply was actually unpublishable!  What work in a Library?  How boring!  Couldn’t imagine anything worse!  Mother’s reply “It will give you work experience, and then you can maybe get a Lab job”. Somewhat reluctantly I applied and imagine my surprise/horror/amazement when at the conclusion of the interview I was offered the job!  Oh heck what had I done!  After I started the job I discovered that I loved working in the library – loved the work – loved interacting with the public – loved the fulfilling sense when I helped someone to find some information they needed in their life, a good read or whatever.  The rest as they say is History.  20+ years later and I am still working in Public Libraries.  Guess mothers always do know best 🙂

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