Around The World And Back To The Library!

By Lis Marrow, a meandering librarian.

My very first job was putting the books away at Epsom Library in Auckland.  I was about 12 and I progressed from 50c an hour to the princely sum of $1.50 in just a couple of years of afternoons after school…..I have always loved books.  I remember my mother reading to me everyday after kindy and to get me to eat my dinner….I even ‘lent’ books out to my friends, with cards and everything….However, when I left school I ended up in the Hospitality trade via lots of acting classes and productions with the independent theatre which was then in Upper Queen street.  Waitressing lead to management with Hyatt and I travelled the world using Hyatt and the restaurant trade.  It was only fairly recently in 2006 my local library in Featherston needed someone to run the Summer Reading Programme and here I am, I am now in a secondary school as solo librarian and am getting my Diploma Level 5 and (next year ) level 6.  I love my job with such a passion that it is hard to see why it took me so long to get here….good things take time I guess!

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