Stumbled Into Librarianship, Or Was It Innate?

By Graeme Oke, As well as libraries, I can talk for hours about bikes and biking.
Faculty Librarian and Acting Team Leader (Science, Technology and Engineering) La Trobe University. Melbourne (Bundoora), Australia.

As a child I was introduced to public libraries and borrowing.  Whilst in primary school I set about setting up a newspaper clipping of car reviews with indexing.  In my teenage years I fully indexed with cross referencing my brothers and then my car magazine collection.  I did okay at school and progressed to University to do a science degree and one of my first real jobs was as a research assistant at a University.  Whilst in this role I did the library work for the research team.  In my degree one lecturer forced us to use the new age CD-Roms to research and to use computers to type up assignments, so I could adapt this to searching for articles and being the library go between for the research team.  I tried for library jobs, but without the qualification no go.  Did the qualification and after a few positions was at the right place at the right time to get an entry level Science Librarian job at a new campus of Victoria University … the Melbourne one for NZ readers.

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