You’ve Got To Be Kidding!

By Di Stodart,  typical tomboy turns teens librarian.

My library life started in 1981 at Whangarei Public when on returning from overseas there were no teaching positions. I tried all sorts of jobs like selling water beds (they were HOT in the 8Os!) and insurance. I was saved by the children’s and teens advertisement in the local paper and with my teaching background I felt I could fit. This, despite not ever being the library sort of student; only entering the library during wet lunchtimes or reading only what I had to read for school. I was very excited about the role, wore my stylish dress I’d brought back from Harrods, interviewed well (obviously!), got the job over qualified applicants (that’s changed!!!). I started my job and training simultaneously and LOVED every minute of it.  “You’re a librarian now?!” You’ve got to be kidding!

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