A Very Long Road

By Robin Young, An example of what not to do.

I thought about studying library science when I was first going to uni, but I didn’t want to get a MLIS – I wanted to get out of school as fast as I could. If only my present self could have seen the future…

Anyway, I started out studying education, then changed to a secretarial degree (yes, you heard me right). Hated it so quit uni with one semester to graduation. Went back home, got a full-time job and decided to go back to school for nursing.  Went several years to uni and community college while working, then finally decided…that’s it, library school it is!

Went to the University of North Texas, which was about an hour away from home, while still working a full-time job and a part-time job. Then…I met a kiwi…and moved to NZ. Took me a while to get a job that allowed me to finally go back to school, and I chose The Open Polytechnic. When I was finishing my LVL 5 diploma I got my first job as a reference librarian at a public library – pretty much my dream job. My job now is a bit different. I have completed my LVL 6 diploma and am now working on my BAppSci in Library and Info Studies, which will probably be all the study I do, besides professional development. And we’ll see where I end up in the future. Wish I would have figured it all out at the start, but everything I have learned along the way has been a benefit to me.

Share your path to librarianship.


  1. Love your story Robin! How’s the study going? I study with the Open Poly too- doing my Level 5 Diploma + Certificate in Literature & Services for Children and Young People ( think I deserve a diploma just for remembering that!) at the moment

  2. Cath Sheard says:

    I think all the rich history we bring with us helps us to understand other people – there’s nothing like having ‘been there, done that’.

  3. Penny says:

    so often the journey is a bit more scenic that expected! 🙂

    1. Robin Young says:

      You are right!

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