Aiming For Awesome: Atlas Of New Librarianship Author To Speak To New Zealand Librarians

Megan Ingle, Ngai Deckard and I are very honoured to have R. David Lankes author of The Atlas of New Librarianship present a free webinar to New Zealand librarians.

The webinar will build buzz and ignite discussions for members of The Atlas of New Librarianship Discussion Groups, and will occur on Thursday 20 September 2012. Ngai says “We talked about asking David to speak but we didn’t really expect to pull it off. Who would have thought that less than 24 hours later, everything would be confirmed. It definitely pays to ask.”

R. David Lankes

R. David Lankes is a professor and Dean’s Scholar for the New Librarianship at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies and director of the Information Institute of Syracuse. Lankes is a passionate advocate for librarians and their essential role in today’s society.

Given the size and intensity of the book we are very pleased to have received expressions of interest from 18 librarians from throughout New Zealand and across library sectors. “I think David Lankes is a librarian rock star. Having him speak about themes in the Atlas to Discussion Group members will be so inspiring. I can’t wait.” says Megan.

Megan and I are also rapt to have three volunteers to help us aim for awesome:

The Atlas of New Librarianship Discussion Groups will run during October 2012. Registrations have closed.