7.9.2012 – NZ Public Library Websites. NZ 7th In Web Index. Librarian Registration In Nigeria.

Thoughts for the day:
According to this report, “non-librarians who attempt to practice librarianship in Nigeria would be prosecuted within the mandate of the council to ensure quality assurance in the profession.” Is this something you would like to see the LIANZA Registration Board do with professional registration here in NZ? Would it enhance the value of librarianship?

The Librarian Registration Council of Nigeria also conducts induction ceremonies for newly registered librarians. How difficult would this be to incorporate into LIANZA conferences or regional events?

I’d love to read your views in the comments.

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Completing your LIANZA revalidation journal is now really simple.

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  1. Hilary Bishop says:

    I think Nigeria is just waving the big stick and I would not like to see this done wholesale in New Zealand. We need to encourage people into our profession and then encourage them to become qualified. Their are many small libraries out there that would not function if we insisted on total regitration and qualification. I agree we do need quality but let’s do it the right way round and encourage and educate not kill off enthusiasm by draconian measures!

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