All Bets Are Off

2 July 2012 marked the 500th edition of The Daily News. Much has changed since the first edition on 21 January 2011 and this is the second in a series of brief posts to mark the occasion. The first post is here.

The last 18 months was not just a period of significant change where mobile devices, apps, library funding woes and ebooks fundamentally altered the way libraries do things that need to be done.

It was also a period of significant DISRUPTION. Where individuals decided enough was enough and all bets were off, and David picked up his slingshot.

My top 3 David vs Goliath stories from the Daily News are:

  1. More news on the Koha trademark.  (28 Nov 2011)
  2. Douglas County Libraries Erects Legal Framework for Ebook Purchases.  (20 Jan 2012)
  3. The open access debate. (10 May 2012)

What were your favourite David vs Goliath stories?