1. Anonymous says:

    great flowchart does it need to be updated? I notice the other comments are dated dec 2011 and we are now 2013 !

    1. Sally says:

      Yes, like most things over a year old, it does need to be updated.

  2. Fantastic flowchart!
    May I have your permission to share it with our readers? Galina

    1. Sally says:

      Hi Galina,
      Yes you can use the flowchart as long as you acknowledge that it came from here. 🙂

  3. Ryan Bond says:


    Did you also know that the kindle can be used for internet content? If using the Chrome web browser, there is an extension called ‘Later on Kindle’ which strips pages of anything unnecessary and sends the text directly to your kindle (for no charge) to be read at any time. Firefox also has something similar, I think.

    There is also a program called ‘Mobipocket Creator’ which takes PDFs (horrible on most e-readers) and converts them to an e-reader friendly format.

    Finally, the program ‘Calibre’ allows you to send your own content, formatted in any word processor program and saved in a suitable format, to your kindle. This means that your own content, or anything a friend sends you can easily be put onto your kindle for reading.

    I’m not connected with Amazon in any way, but have discovered how useful the kindle is, especially when paired with these other programs.

  4. Ngai Deckard says:

    Great flowchart Sally. Followed my preferences straight to the first Ebook reader I ever owned. Nice!!

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