Is It Worth While?

Tomorrow will be the 300th edition of The Daily News and so it seems like a good time to ask “Is it worth while?“.

There are a many ways I could measure the success or otherwise of The Daily News – number of subscribers, number of visits, number of news items linked, most popular news items and so on. Numbers are easy to collect, but how meaningful are they? Is it any more worthy to have 500 subscribers rather than just over 200?

One measure of success that is widely used in business is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) which essentially measures customer loyalty with one question “Based on your experience today how likely is it that you would recommend this store to your friends and family?”

The NPS is based on the premise that all customers can be grouped into one of three categories – promoters, passives, or detractors. By periodically asking this question businesses can measure the performance of the business through the customer’s eyes.

When I worked for a mystery shopping company this was *the* question that NZ and Australian businesses used to measure their success and reward their staff.

So I thought I’d give it a go and attempt to get a sense of what you, dear reader, think of Finding Heroes and The Daily News.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, or via email. And if you’re reading this post via an email subscription or rss feed please visit the article online to take the poll.

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  1. Sally says:

    @ Hilary – It’s great to hear that the Daily News helps overcome some of the isolation you feel and to learn that you’re working on your re-registration. I’ve noticed that my knowledge of the BoKs has skyrocketed since I started adding them in. 🙂

    @ Annette – I do try to find a balance of news items that might appeal to all library sectors so it’s good to know that you find it valuable for your professional development in a school library.

    @ Tosca – Most people think I ask too many questions and it hurts their head to think about them, and I do because I care (right back at you cheesy). And, yes *we* are the answer, so let’s go do something about it!

  2. I have recommended this site. I *do* recommend this site. I think that you ask questions that prompt us to ask ourselves, our organisations, our managers, our leaders how we can make what we do less about policies and more about the customer. I am reminded every day, thanks to the discussions you generate, why I wanted to be in libraries in the first place. Most of all, this site reminds me that we have the answer because we *are* the answer. Cheesy? Yes. True? That, too 😛

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sally,
    I have subscribed to Finding Heroes only recently. It was recommended to me by a fellow school librarian and I am very pleased that I have subscribed. Finding Heroes is an excellent professional development resource for working within an intermediate school library in New Zealand.
    Continue the excellent work.
    Annette McKitrick,Librarian
    Waimea Intermediate School,Richmond, Nelson, NZ.

  4. Your Daily News has been a real boon for me. I have found that in a small town I am quite isolated as I have to travel a considerable distance to meet others. I research and read a lot to try to keep myself up with what is happening but as my hours were cut this year and I run another business from home, I always seem to time strapped. Having your news drop into my mailbox each day gives me a chance to have a peek at anything I think may be of interest to me and save it/print it/pass it on. As I am also going for reregistration next year it is really helping me with my BoK’s. Thank you so much. You are very, very much appreciated by me! Hilary Bishop, LIbrarian, Waitaki Boys’ High School, Oamaru

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