The Ideas Factory: My LIANZA Conference Workshop


At the end of October I’m off to the 2011 LIANZA Conference in Wellington. I will be facilitating a workshop on Tuesday afternoon (1 November, 1:30pm).

Here’s an overview of my workshop:

For some, attending conferences can be highly motivating and inspirational because you’re exposed to new ways of doing things and a myriad of possibilities. And for others, attending conferences can be frustrating because you’re all excited about what you’re hearing, but don’t get an opportunity to contribute or share your perspectives with others. It becomes an exercise in listening to an expert on the stage.

This workshop intends to change that in two ways:

  1. Rather than listen to just one expert, this workshop will harness the expertise and experience of the audience to address the challenges we face.
  2. The issues and ideas from this workshop will be collated and made available online ( so that those who aren’t here are able to participate and together we can develop these ideas into actions.

This workshop hopes to bridge the gap between the inspiration of conference and the reality of work.

I’ll be in Wellington a couple of days from Thursday 27th October and would love to catch up over coffee with you while I’m there.

Or, perhaps you’d like to join us at the LIANZA11 tweetup on Sunday 30 October (it’s open to everyone, not just tweeters).

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