Social Media Supporters Of Individual Public Libraries

This is the second of three articles on social media supporters of New Zealand public libraries that will be published over the coming weeks.

Last week I provided a crude count of social media supporters split between the North and South Island. This week, I list the number of supporters by individual public libraries.

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UPDATE 4 July 11am: Apologies, I missed Hastings facebook presence (my fault, as it’s easy to find). They have 74 likes. Their ranking remains the same.

Three things I learnt from the numbers:

  1. Size doesn’t matter. Waimakariri, Tararua, Central Hawkes Bay, and Kapiti all have a greater number of supporters than some of the larger libraries.
  2. There are some obvious omissions – Hamilton and Tauranga to name just two. Perhaps they’re determining how to maximise their efforts first…
  3. I suspect that some libraries (eg Horowhenua, Hutt City and Timaru) may not even be aware they have a presence on Facebook, meaning that someone else has set up a profile for them.

I also checked to see which libraries link to their Facebook and Twitter pages from their website home page. 47% of libraries on Facebook provide a link, and 63% of libraries on Twitter do the same. What’s the point of belonging to Facebook and Twitter if  you don’t make it easy for your customers to find you?

Next week: Social Media Influence of New Zealand Public Libraries.


  1. Pete in Wanganui says:

    Wanganui District Library does have a Facebook page (though very recent). Don’t know who’s responsible for the other one!

    This and the Twitter account (especially the latter) won’t become really active till we launch the new web site in August. The existing site is essentially a massive collection of static pages made in Dreamweaver, so it seemed pointless to add more stuff to it or links from it.

    I’m interested in people’s use of Twitter especially. I’ve been planning to use it mainly for news (and therefore use the Twitter feed to act also as a ‘latest news’ element on the main web site. Other than the National Library’s teaser tweets pointing to collection items, I haven’t seen any really compelling uses of Twitter by libraries or museums in NZ.

    1. Sally says:

      Hi Pete,
      Thanks for the feedback, it’s good to hear plans are underway for Wanganui District Library to become more active in Web2.0.

      In regards to Twitter, it depends on what you’re looking for as to how useful it is. I have a list of nz libraries/librarians that I’ve found on Twitter that you may find useful as a starting point.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have you contacted any of the libraries you mention directly before making assumptions about their intentions?

    1. Sally says:

      No I didn’t contact any libraries directly. As I said, there were three things I learnt from the numbers. I’d be more than happy to hear other viewpoints.

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