The Power Of Conversation To Motivate Action

Heather Lamond, incoming LIANZA President (Elect) recently asked what needs to change for members to consider standing for Council.

And my excuse (oops, reason) was:

In my opinion as a member, I see LIANZA as addressing the “big issues”, yet I struggle to address the “everyday” issues. Standing for Council is honourable, but not often practical – it seems as if it would be quite removed from my job.

For me to stand for the LIANZA Council, I’d need to see an alignment between what the Council does and how it makes my daily life easier, and I’m not sure how achievable that is. If you could make that more obvious, it would definitely encourage me to engage more with LIANZA Council.

And then I thought about it.

I’m passing the buck, and expecting LIANZA to change their ways to suit my needs. I’m not taking responsibility for anything. If I want LIANZA to represent me as a library professional, we both need to play equal parts if we both want to get ahead and achieve what we believe in.

And then I thought about it some more.

I really can’t expect LIANZA to address the everyday issues and make my daily life easier, because only I can do that. Only I can decide to make LIANZA a priority in my professional life. Only I can decide that it is worthy of my precious time. And only I can weave the connections between LIANZA and me.

And then I thought about it some more. What can I do to change this? What can I do that will benefit both me and LIANZA?

There’s lots that I can do, and there’s lots that I will do!

I’m starting now. I’m joining the conversation, and encourage you to join too. Conversation sparks ideas, creativity and learning. Conversation helps us see the world from different perspectives. Conversation is a catalyst for action.

Together, we can achieve more than we can alone, so if you’ve talked the ears off the person next to you, and would like to share your ideas with others, check out NZ Libraries in 2025: Ideas.

Hopefully we’ll weave a rich conversation that will motivate us (individually and collectively) to act.

Stop waiting for a road map and start drawing one instead.” – Seth Godin.