How Active Are You On Twitter?

Regular readers would have noticed that each day I post a selection of the latest information about New Zealand libraries from many library tweeting heroes.

So I thought it might also be useful to find out how many readers of this blog are also active on Twitter, and provide my thoughts on how I use Twitter as a professional development tool, just in case you’re not yet convinced.

This poll is completely anonymous and can’t be tracked in any way. You can also view the results in real-time by clicking on the “View Results” link just below the Vote button.

So what have you got to lose? Let me and other readers know how active you are on Twitter.

From a professional perspective, I enjoy using Twitter for three main reasons:

  1. I can keep up-to-date with the latest events.
    Two recent events that I would never have been able to follow without Twitter were Harper Collins’ latest policy on ebooks and the ALIA Information Online Conference. Following the latest updates on the Christchurch earthquake from both the Christchurch City Council and Christchurch Libraries, also provided a perspective that you wouldn’t see in any other media.
  2. It broadens my professional knowledge.
    Because tweets are only 140 characters in length, I find it really easy to skim through what others are tweeting and feel like I have a good grasp on what is going on. Because tweets are short, they often contain just the main point which makes it even easier to decide whether I want to know more.
  3. It is easy to communicate with other librarians from around the world.
    It really is very much a community affair. Information is passed from one person to the next, shared and commented on, with ease. It’s much less formal than email, and reaches a much wider audience. Tweeters share what they’re working on, what they’re frustrated with, and allow others to celebrate their successes with them. Of course, there are personal comments such as who has a cold, or the latest plans for the weekend, but to me, that’s part of belonging to a community.

I’d love to see more New Zealand library staff using Twitter, follow me @sallyheroes!



  1. I use Twitter for information sharing. Its a great collaboration tool. I’ve learned a heck of a lot by reading links that other people have Tweeted. I also share what I learn with my followers. Its a great networking tool:- as a librarian and also a family historian/genealogist its essential for my job to make connections with like-minded people. And of course, the promotional opportunities are limitless. I Tweet about the collection I have responsibility for, and the services and events that we provide.

    1. Sally says:

      Hi Seonaid,

      Thanks for your comments. It’s great to know there are others who find Twitter as beneficial as I do.

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