New Zealand Libraries In 2025

  • What will New Zealand Libraries look like in 2025?
  • Will you still be working in libraries?
  • How will your role change?

I’ve recently started a group called New Zealand Libraries in 2025 on Linkedin to provide a forum for discussing questions such as these, and sharing ideas about New Zealand Libraries of the future.

To kick-start the discussion I’ve posted a link to a youtube video (5:09) by the UTS Library (University of Technology, Sydney) – Staffing the Library of the Future in Plain English.

What I like about this video, is that it explores some big changes in store for people who work in libraries – what we do, how we do it, and how we work. It covers five broad headings: organisational culture, work conditions, service models, sustainability, and people.

What do you think about what UTS is suggesting will happen to libraries in the future? Can you imagine this happening in your library?

BTW, If you are blocked from using youtube at work now, how will this affect your work in 2025?

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