Workshop Designed Especially For Libraries

On Friday I spent the morning at Massey University Library in Palmerston North.  They had heard great things about the workshop I presented at  the LIANZA Ikaroa Weekend Hui late last year and wanted to learn more about The Cheat’s Guide to Project Management.

20 Massey University Library staff attended from Wellington, Palmerston North and Albany campuses and we had a great time learning how to apply project management to everyday library projects.

Many staff had been to project management courses before and the ideas were not new to most, however 60% of participants found the workshop extremely valuable, and a further 40% found it very valuable. So even though you may have already learnt about project management, The Cheat’s Guide to Project Management workshop is highly recommended.

What makes this workshop different to other project management courses? Well, according to the evaluation forms there were 3 aspects that were most valuable.

  1. The workshop provides a step-by-step approach to project management. The focus is on defining and planning a project, of which there are only 4 steps.
  2. The workshop is practical and hands-on. Project management theory and jargon is barely mentioned.
  3. The workshop is written specifically for libraries. All examples and exercises are library focussed. It doesn’t matter what type of library you work in, you’ll find it easy to apply what you’ve learnt in your work.

Below is a sample of what participants will do differently when they return to work.

Certainly apply the tools to a lot of short term things that need to get done. ie I think the project management framework can be applied quite widely. (Alison Wallbutton, College Liaison Librarian).

Do more planning – no matter how small the project appears at first. It’s easy to start something which actually is a project, but I don’t always approach it as such. (Liz Chisholm, Hokowhitu Librarian)

More planning and preparation, rather than jumping straight into doing (typical male!) (John Redmayne, University Librarian)

Massey University Library staff will share more about their experience in the next issue of Library Life.

Why not register today to experience the same benefits?

Workshop Details:
Length: Half day workshop (four hours), 8.30am – 12.30pm or 1pm – 5pm
Catering includes morning/afternoon tea.
Cost: $161 (LIANZA member), $230 (Non-member)
Maximum Number of Participants: 20
Breakeven Number of Participants: 15
BOK Area: 9

Email Maree at the LIANZA office with the following information or fill out the form below and it will be sent to Maree automatically.