Auckland Libraries Super Tour 2011 – An Interview

This Q-and-A is with Wendy, author of Auckland Libraries Super Tour 2011.

Auckland Libraries Super Tour 2011 is such a great idea, how did you come up with it?
I saw an Auckand Libraries brochure about the new system with a list of their libraries on the back and thought it would be good to visit them all. Then I thought that maybe I should write a blog as there are bound to be other bookworms like me interested. It’s also a good way to see more of Auckland.

You’ve just completed your first article, what response have you had?
Actually, I’ve been surprised by the number of responses! I thought it would just be my friends who’d be interested, but I’ve had so many more comments than I expected. Most people say that they’d love to do a tour as well and others are really excited by using their new libraries.

I noticed that you tweeted asking for suggestions as to which library to visit next, does that mean you don’t have a planned itinerary?
I decided not to follow a pattern but to decide each week which library to visit. That way it’ll be a bit more of an adventure and it’ll also be a surprise for my readers.

How did you decide what to write about when you visited Albany Library?
I visit a library as I normally would.  I’m a “pick ‘n’ mix” library user and don’t usually know what I’m going to come out with so I take a look around and see what I notice. And that’s what happened at Albany.

What do you hope people who follow you on tour will get from reading of your adventures?
I hope it it encourages people to see more of Auckland and perhaps inspires them to also use Auckland Libraries. I also hope that for readers outside of Auckland that they are want to explore more of their local library, afterall where else can you get free books? Maybe others will want to read some of the books that I recommend, although I don’t know how I’m going to manage writing two to four book reviews a week!

So Wendy, tell me a little about your background?
Well, I’m a farm girl from Feilding and have only been in Auckland four years, so this blog is a chance for me to see more of Auckland. I’ve also got a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature which is when I really started reading my way through libraries. I don’t work for Auckland Libraries but I do love using them.

You’re obviously a booklover, do you remember your first book?
Not really. My dad always used to read me stories before bed and that’s when I think I first began to love books, then I wanted to read them to him and it just grew from there.

And what is your favourite book at the moment?
I think  that would be The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak, It’s such a powerful story with bits of poetry and lyricism, that made it such a refreshing read. My favourite New Zealand author would have to be Janet Frame – although her books can be challenging to read, I love her style of writing.

Do you have any advice for people who work in libraries?
I’d say to keep libraries new and exciting. Because I enjoy looking through the shelves I like to find something new or something that I might not have seen before. I really love it when libraries have good recommendations of what to read.