TEDx Auckland – Getting Things Done

I’ve just spent an inspiring day at TEDx Auckland. There were many great presentations, but the one that stuck with me was from Cindy Gallop who Skyped in from South Africa. Cindy is the founder and CEO of ifwerantheworld.com, a radically simple web platform designed to help change the world one microaction at a time.

This got me thinking about the difference between “doing” and “getting things done”. Doing stuff does not always translate into getting things done. We do lots of stuff that isn’t important, or doesn’t make a difference, some call it busy work. We all have good intentions and great ideas, but sometimes they never get done because we’re distracted by something else, or we feel it is too hard to accomplish.

Cindy’s idea is simple. It starts with the sentence “If I ran the world I would…” and then you identify 3 microactions you can take to get one step closer to that dream. At TEDx we were encouraged to write our dreams and microactions onto cards and then post them on the wall for all to see and share. You can share your dreams and get things done at ifweranthe world.com.