Homai te pakipaki

“Homai te pakipaki” literally translates from Maori as “give the clap”. It is a phrase frequently used by the host to encourage the audience to show their appreciation for a guest speaker by giving them a round of applause.

I stumbled upon three recent blog posts that in my opinion deserve a round of applause. They each provide an insight into how treating staff as people not as resources, can improve business performance.

1. Unlimited paid leave, no strings attached
Studies have long shown that — believe it or not — such flexibility actually makes workers more productive and engaged. Now that would be worth celebrating don’t you think?

2. Workers of the world, innovate
Not a new idea by any means. Imagine how an Innovation Idol could improve your business.

3. Why a happy employee is a productive employee 
 iOpener examined how much time employees spent “on task.” For happy workers, it was 80 percent of the workweek. For unhappy workers, it was just 40 percent.

In today’s competitive marketplace your staff are your only sustainable competitive advantage. Each and every one of us wants to be heard and valued. What are you doing to enable that to happen?