Pushing Through Adversity

Sometimes the best way to get anywhere is to push through it.

A year ago I quit my job because I couldn’t see it leading anywhere that I wanted to go. I wanted to do stuff that mattered. To be in a place that valued my contributions and was not afraid to think differently. To be constantly learning new things that excited our customers and made it easier for them to do business with us. Where we were motivated as a team to do better than we’d done before – and given the responsibility to do it. So I quit and became unemployed.

I took a big risk, given the looming financial uncertainties. But I persevered. It seemed like I applied for hundreds of jobs (but probably only 20 something) without receiving an acknowledgement. It was 3 months before I got an interview, but by then I’d already laid the groundwork. I decided to do things the old-fashioned way – hard work. I contacted everyone I knew and let them know I was on the market. I joined a committee and volunteered for things that others didn’t want to do. And I actively contributed to online forums on topics I was interested in. I reinvented myself.

 I now do contract work on projects that interest me. Where I can do stuff that matters. Where my clients aren’t afraid to think differently, and where I’m constantly learning new things that make it easier for customers to do business with my clients. I’m actively looking for new opportunities and love challenges that seem impossible to achieve. It’s not plain sailing, but life never is.

Some of those things I wanted a year ago are starting to pay off. I haven’t stumbled across an easy route to success. But I have learnt that persistence will eventually get you there. Don’t give up. Ever.